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Pinku- Char Sheet Alternate Outfit by Rosuuri Pinku- Char Sheet Alternate Outfit by Rosuuri
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P i n k u

Real Name: Quies **manga spoiler**
Type: White Rabbit
Age: 16
Height: 164cm (an inch taller because of the heels)

Background: Pinku is currently assigned with March Hare to search for Alice on Earth. She has no recollection of her past, the only memory she has was when she woke up in Cheshire’s lab and the first person she saw was March. Originally she has a long hair and always anxious but March calmed her down by cutting her hair and giving her a name, Pinku.

Character: Innocent of things in the human world, optimistic and loves teasing. She is very determined but sometimes her laziness wins over.

Ability: There are red ribbons hidden under her sleeves that can stretch up to 20 meters; its ends are sharp and pointed v-shaped blades. These ribbons are used to create/open magic circles. She wields a pendant that helps her regulate her ability to stop time but stopping time weakens her to an extent that she’ll fall asleep. This is the reason why she is asleep most of the time. Oddly, she has the ability to travel to different dimensions with ease by opening portals.

Other notes: This is just an alternate outfit for her. She can wear this and the old one anytime. However, this outfit is what she usually wears when she is in Wonderland. The other one is what she wears when she’s in Earth.

Original Version: Pinku - Chara Sheet by rosuuri

March Hare's character sheet is up next! I am just having a hard time with male characters. He also has more stuff than Pinku. '''OTL

Manga: Alice's Cross 

Background from Pixiv
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